Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This Christmas

This Christmas,
Yes, this Christmas
I'll but everybody books
a tape or a CD here
and there.
As we all need to learn,
to grow,
to change our direction,

This Christmas,
we can all give thanks for the years
behind us,
the years
before us.

Ah this Christmas,
I'll shop,
at home and at work.
I'll think,
I'll pray and I'll smile.

I'll be giving thanks for
the blessings that
I have,
the smiles you bring.

And this Christmas,
I'll cheer at the money,
I save
by not going to the stores,
waiting in traffic.

So this Christmas,
you can tell me what's
on your reading list,
your play list,
or your wish list.

Your book only comes in
one size,
the one that fits you.

This Christmas, I hope you smile
I wish you much happiness,
I wish you well.

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