Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Year

Yes I know, its the beginning of February and its well after the new year, to all greetings and welcome to the new year. Those of you who might read this from time to time expecting that I might come up with something new, well I have something new. I am planning to split some of the work of this one blog into other areas. That's merely speculative right now. My post today is to help out some folks with some finance stuff.

It goes like this; the more money that you save now, means that there money around sooner and bigger so that you will stop having to go to work when you are much older. There are several reasons for this focus. It is much more enjoyable to go to work when you want to, not when you have to. I am not going to recommend a specific stock, I'll share with you some of the things I have purchased, and why. I'll also provide some information about links to find these places so that you can read and learn for your self. The only advice I am allowed and qualified to give you is this; Read everything, the big print, the little print with the big words, everything. Make sure that you understand the expense structure of purchase, there are fees that you will not recover unless the stock that you purchase increases in value over time. I don't day trade, I have a regular day job that keeps me idle enough. I don't really have a broker per se, I do all of my own research, thats right ask questions follow leads on the phone, over the internet, ask your friends to explain stuff, ask them why they own stock in XYZ company.

Here goes, I do own a significant amount of utility stock, why, simple. If you can read this page you need to thank four people; the teacher (parents too) that taught you how to read, the electric company, that brings the electricity to power the computer, the telephone or cable company that brings the network packets to your front door, and depending upon your locale the gas company or the local geek if your'e not him/her that enabled that computer to run smoothly. Folks infrastructure is important, many of you can not do your job in whole or in part because of infrastructure. You need lights, you need your beer, you need the fresh milk for the baby, you need that and this, face it, if it was not for the product the power company produces, we might well live in a cave. Power companies with few exceptions pay good strong dividends, now my brother says I own too many, I think at last count there were nine different stocks.

I can name three that you can get into for next to nothing and they are consistent.

Dominion Resources There are three reasons, they are solid, strong, they provide electricity to alot of very important people, they have paid a substantial dividend since before my wife was born, and she's no spring chicken either.

Southern Company This company was the 800 pound gorilla in the power industry, at least it was when bought into them, anyway they supply power to Georgia, Alabama, part of Mississippi, and North West Florida.

SCANA These folks are into both gas and electric, real big in South Carolina, one of the reasons why I own them is simple world domination I wanted a piece of every light company any place that my family or myself could possibly live, some out of spite, some out of bragging rights. There are a good stock, thats the only reason I can think of right now.

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