Monday, October 1, 2007

Justice Thomas

Let it be known to all of you naysayers, that I think that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is an ordinary guy, once you get past all of the junk that the really liberal (lukewarm) right wants to profess about him, he's not such a bad guy. I will concede that there are few ideas that we don't agree on, but then tell me, how much do you agree with the man across the street, the woman around the way, your spouse. No I don't think that he's a saint or a perfect student, but he is a solid example of what can happen if you manage to go to school, listen to somebody in your life that is not telling you that you cannot do this or that. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, need to get a life, have either of you held a conversation with him. I thought not. Go and collect your victim payments you false teachers.

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