Monday, October 1, 2007

The Weekend.

Here goes, watched Notre Dame lose again, would someone stop putting these fools on television, come on, for pity's sake, make the networks stop, we the people cannot stand any more of that blasphemy. Penn State, we thought you were going to be the pride of the Big Ten this year, beating up on all those non conference folks like you had something to say, and then you face up to your Big Ten stable mates and you get whooped. Florida, don't feel bad, you lost to these folks last year too, that last minute time out call by your coach was really, really tacky, Urban Meyer, get a life, your boys just got beat by a better team in the swamp. USC, please, please you are not number one, still really should not be even in the top ten, played like you were in the bottom 20. South Florida, hmmmm, where did you guys come from ? Who let the bulls in ? My next question is how long is this show going to last.

Other business; managed to start painting my garage this weekend, wife went out to do something with folks on her job, I got primer all over the wall in my garage, looks better, still can't figure out what color to paint it, ahhhh the pleasures of being a homeowner, I can paint the garage any color I like or any color the Mrs hates.

Anyway, here is my gripe, ladies, moms, grand moms, dads as well, please tell your girl children that the only places that underwear should be seen is in the laundry basket, the department store hanging up and by mistake, I and every other male should see your child's underwear unless she is in an intimate relationship with one of us, if you are blessed and need a bra, then get the right kind of bra or don't wear one, and stop diminishing my landscape with your underwear on the outside. You ladies know who I am talking about.

Not going to talk about pro football, because there is no such thing. Just a bunch of men who are paid entirely too much money to bump into one another.

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