Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Shapes and Sizes

Lets see, I went away for what should have been a nice relaxing weekend. But then it was, it really was, it was also topped off by watching Florida lose to LSU. Not so much that I am a big LSU fan, but since Florida seems to have gotten this really big head from winning in football and basketball, and then they are beginning to think that they are a real school and everything. And when ever I seem to want to watch something else and really don't think that I need to watch football on television, my wife (Florida Grad) thinks that I need to watch, so I simply started pulling for the other team. And most of the regular season games that Florida has played that I have been forced to watch, Florida has lost, is it me or does any one see a trend here. Besides that fool that they hired as a coach is none but a whining cry baby, his team really should not have been put in the National Champion bowl pickings because his team lost to unranked Auburn, amongst other teams. Now the basketball team, they just got a lucky break in recruiting good solid players that can rub two brain cells together and know how to play ball as a team sport. Enough about ball. We spent the weekend at a very nice Bed and Breakfast by the name of The BlackSmith Inn, it is located in Natural Bridge, Virginia. The English couple that runs the place were very accommodating as they opened up their house for us. Thank You very much, and yes we will return soon.

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