Sunday, September 16, 2007

Michigan -- Notre Dame

Well..... somebody had to win. Really someone had to.
Michigan basically stomped on mud hole in Notre Dame's butt. Michigan is a good team, just like Notre Dame, and many other very good teams, they can all have their share of ups and downs, there are some other teams that may be better.
However, I also subscribe to the any given Sunday philosophy, which means that on any given Sunday, the road will rise to meet you, your swing will be straight and strong, and all of your adversaries will fall by your stride.
No amount of coaching vision and player talent will overcome. I'm pleased that Michigan won, I'm not all that thrilled that Notre Dame was that bad, come on fellas, you are the team that was told a zillion years ago to win one for the Gipper, men get after it, please before you disappoint us all any further.

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