Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ok, you got me started.

It goes like this, for some reason, that old crab reared his ugly head again spouting words of separation and divisiveness, yes I am speaking of the Jesse Jackson, who has not held a real job in the past 40 or 50 years, the man that would like to claim that he speaks for black Americans, however, the only ones that seem to pay any attention to his blathering s are those with nothing better to do with their lives except whine that some one is holding them back, those that seem to not accept any responsibility for their own station in life. First I want to know, how do you act white, the guy who sits next to me in the office is younger, just as smart and maybe a little kinder than I am, he's white, you can speak with my mother, wonderful, wonderful woman, a woman that despite being born and raised in the deep south has nooooooooo southern accent, no parts, nary a trace. You have to ask my mother or one of her four children, all born in wedlock, where she was born and raised and she will tell you, Western Arkansas. My mother and her mother before her, and I'm pretty sure her mother before her were all born black, you know the coffee brown color that we associate with all things brown. Just like Barack Obama, presidential candidate extraordinaire. Just like Tiger Woods. Why is it that when we as a people, who have done so much for the country, been able to overcome insurmountable odds, but we seem to still endure buffoons like Jesse Jackson and several others. Please listen and I will stop this history lesson sooner rather than later. Mr Barack Obama is the first serious, meaningful non white candidate that has run for president since 1972, when the U.S. Representative from New York by the name of Shirley Chisholm placed her name on the ticket to run in the presidential primaries as a democrat. Jesse Jackson is loud and meaningless, and spends all of his waking moments trying to jump in front of some body's camera with the active light flashing. His only claim to fame centers around the fact that he may be the last living male that was standing on the balcony that fateful afternoon in April 1968 when Dr Martin Luther King Jr was fatally shot.
Nobody else is saying anything about Fred D. Thompson being white enough, or man enough, or Hillary Clinton being the same. I was raised by two caring parents, that were married to each other for a time, raised to appreciate a good education, (both of my natural parents have Ph D's and two of my four siblings have at least an undergraduate degree) so does that make me act white too. Please, please tell me.

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