Friday, September 14, 2007


Since I talk about anything I like or anything I hate here. Try this on for size, the surge is working, if everyone would jumping to condemn the troop loss at every turn, they might see that. I'm sure that I am part of the silent majority that wants us out of Iraq....... when the job is done and everything is stable and the only folks getting killed are from the day to day skirmishes that life brings, not depressed malcontents that are under some misguided notion that Allah is calling them to collect their virgins. In America, it would be more profitable to press congress to demonstrate some sound judgment and show parliament how its done, and instead of fussing and carrying on about the war and not really accomplishing anything, there are a few things that you could do; Fix the health care system, don't Hillaryize it or go totally socialist like that. How about some real immigration reform, the reason we have 12 million folks that we can't keep up with and is costing us money that we don't have is your fault, have you guys thought about that, now don't go blaming Georgie down the road, he did have a couple of sound ideas that would work. Third, reform the tax system, make it fair, don't soak anybody except maybe the last two vice presidents, Al and Dick. America we are not going to be there forever, Georgie, please tell us that, Congress; do something, anything except ramble on about the troop withdrawal, Iraqi's; get your act together and for Allah's sake quit trying to kill each on my time. Ok, I'm done now.......

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