Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Teddy Memorial

Yes, I know its a bit late, come on I just started this morning.
For my friend Teddy, (Theodore Maxwell Augustus)

So full of hair, with much attitude and stubbornness. My companion for
a very, very long time.
Through thick and thin you rode with me. You were there to dry my
tears when the world ran me down.
You were there to share my joy, when the chips were up. You were there
to steal my bananas, chase coconuts in the surf and pretend to drive my cars. You put up
with my women and you loved all the children that crossed your path. You enjoyed those long
walks while I smoked a cigar.
You will always be remembered for who you were and not what you wanted
to be. I will keep good memories of you. I think of your friendship as a gift. It was a
pleasure knowing you, having you as my friend.
To quote a picture frame, that a loved one gave to me;
'Every living thing is touched with love, as the creatures of the
earth are a gift and a blessing. You are there at my best and
my worst, and no matter what, you wag your tail, Thank you for the
creature you are, and for bringing to my life unconditional Love.
Thank You Teddy for all that you are, all that you have been and most
of all, for being my friend. I will not forget you. And I will carry
memories of you for the rest of my days. You are going to be sorely


David(Teddy's dad)

He who does not cultivate his own fields, shall die of hunger.
Giunean Proverb

One who looks for a friend without faults will have none.
Hasidic Proverb

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