Monday, September 10, 2007

Michigan Football & Television in general

The past weekend turned out to be a watershed event for me. First my favorite football team the University of Michigan Wolverines decided that in light of the previous weekends loss to a very surprising and tough small college by the name of Appalachian State it would be better to not show at all for the University of Oregon, come now fellas is that really the answer ? Seriously now, the Big Ten is the conference where rough and tumble football is created, now it seems that the mantle is being taken by folks that play football without real coats at game time. In happy valley and in Madison, and even in Columbus, they are all holding up their of the deal. 39 points scored, heads busted, where was Blue ?

Television, it still sucks, I have somewhere in the area of 300 channels or so it seems and there is still not a damn thing on worth watching, I thought that we had an educated populace, then why is it that everyone keeps putting on some much dumb programming, there are some things that for some reason are a waste of electricity, to even put on television, but for some reason, I still run across some of this stuff on television. Heads up to the networks, make this dumb stuff go away, give us some real dramas, some useful comedy, sports with reasonable commercial interruptions, really don't need to go to the fridge that often. Hey how about doing adverts like the Europeans do, paste it to the side of the field and pan the camera across once in a while. Quit making a two hour game last 6 hours, technology is supposed to make stuff work better. There I feel better today.

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