Friday, February 15, 2013


I think I have figured out why I don't like cheerleaders. Cheerleaders, stand on the side of the field and yell and shout as the action goes on, they are more of the noses pressed up against the glass and the fire engine streaks by on the way to undo some of the carnage. They stand and stomp and attempt to convince me and everyone else that their contribution is useful.
Tell me please, when the last Stanley Cup, World Cup or World Series or for that matter Super Bowl was won with the help of cheerleaders. Our economy is in the doldrums, our President and Congress have yet to come to grips with the simple way to correct everything, and believe me there is a simple way to correct it. Where are the cheerleaders? And what are they doing to ensure that my paycheck along with my peers, colleagues, family members and friends gets any smaller. What are the cheerleaders doing to make them bigger? I don't need all of the cheering and shouting from a distance, that does nothing to help me, in my lifetime, I estimate that I have earned about a million dollars in taxable income and several thousand more in under the table collections that many of us entrepreneurs, malcontents, and scoundrels are notorious for. Not one penny, not a single red cent was the result of a cheerleader. There is quite a bit of money in my portfolio, all individually held, as I have learned a long time ago, if I do the work, take the risks, then the rewards should be mine to distribute, I don't need a cheerleader. I will take risks, and will always take risks, I will accept a hand out only, and only if I have the opportunity to pass on the good deed to someone else that may benefit, after I have gotten back up. I will accept love, and compassion, an occasional kick in the pants; however those are handed out by folks that care, that love you and have a vested interest in some of your success, as a rising tide raises all boats.

In a sporting event, I came to watch the sporting event, if I go to a sporting event, I go to watch the sporting event, if my child is in the sporting event then I will watch my child, I am not present to enjoy the distractions. Really why would I find enjoyment watching a bunch of fourteen year old girls jump up and down, screaming and shouting. Shoot I live with five members of the opposite sex, do I really need extra screaming and shouting. And mind you three of them are dealing with some sort of hormone imbalance and two of them have some sort of narcissistic complex that they are trying to live through.

In a few words, get a life. Earn your keep, get out and do something, anything, earn your own money, fame, fortune.

No, cheerleaders do absolutely nothing for me. Thank me, help me, and honour me. I rather like my humility; I really enjoy my peace and quiet. I really don't need the din intensified by additional shouting and cheering. I can toot my own horn, thank you very much, and I prefer not to.

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