Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Willard lost the Election of a Lifetime

This past Tuesday, election day I did not watch the returns, because I did not really care, there was nothing really historic for me or anyone that I know. For the most part I had been beaten down by the relentless beating over the head and shoulders, the American people have been taking for the past seventeen or so months via the airwaves, the internet, at the water cooler, in church. I am tired, I wanted more than anything for it to be over, I feel like this has been one very, very long root canal, and yes I have had one of those when I was twelve, when my parents were getting divorced and the medication wore off it hurt like hell. None of this take two Motrin and go to bed, they did not have Motrin back then and I wanted really for my parents, BOTH OF THEM to come home and be a comfort to me. Which brings me to the subject of this discussion:

Why Willard lost the election, take a look at several issues, some related, some not. I could point the finger at this or that, however the bottom line is simple, Willard was a weak candidate, in some ways weaker than his predecessor, in many ways, he was so far removed from ordinary people that he seemed to look down at us, all of us, there are many that have serious issues with the idea that Mormonism is not Christianity, we Christians do not understand that denomination at all, down to their secret services, the special underwear and the commencement within the lifetime of tangible relatives in anyone's family tree.

We wanted to like him, he really made it difficult, we wanted to accept him, but he decided to do the one single thing that I know almost everyone's parents told them to do when they were going out, go to the front of the place, stay there and wait for us/me, do not come running around looking for me, you will only get more lost.
Willard decided that he needed to be all things to all conservatives and Republicans, and in doing that he started to turn some folks off, both campaigns were arrogant, not sure what and  where that was coming from. 

I am not sure who is responsible for this idea, but nobody came for the American Blacks, somehow when we were lured unwittingly into the Democratic party over the past 70 or so years, the Republicans just sort of gave up on us, sure there have been defectors to this grand plan and I am grateful to that it does show some level of evolution, but you need to come for us, in a big way, and yes you are going to have to shout down loudly the naysayers and the hooligans that stand to lose the most with any exodus from the parties. More on that one later. 

When both candidates seem to be the same, one not too much different from the other, then its just a coin toss, both of them were big government, both of them were going to raise taxes on rich people, which is fine, just be truthful about it. The one thing that seemed to ring true about the run up to the election, there seemed to be many, many distractions, quite a few of them perpetrated by the media, some by peripheral candidates that could not seem to keep from placing their foot in their mouth. Each and every time he was off message, then it was an opportunity to provide distraction to the American people.  A stronger candidate would have been able to subvert much of that, just by staying the course. The party racists, the ones that create their own atmosphere by suggesting that the President was born in another country, that he is of a non Christian faith,  that he is a socialist, he is out to destroy America/ he hates America, all of that not true, If you looked at him as a man that wishes a slightly different path for America and you really do not agree with him, then that is what should be said, all of that being said. I do not like the way he leads or rather fails to, his support of issues such as marriage, behaviors can be masked or put away for a period of time, like black people when they code-switch, like white people when they code-switch, yes I said it. 
Bottom line, we don't need someone who is severely or any other conservative, we just someone who is consistent, honorable and embraceable. We need a person that is willing to be honest beyond a shadow of a doubt and not driven by ego. I am more than likely going to rewrite this, but consider this, in many states, Mr Romney lost by the amount of a few votes, those votes could have come from folks that did not bother to show up, or those votes could have come from those that did, but picked the other guy because of party servitude. 

We need to do better, we all need to do better, and we need to drive the racists out no matter where they live, they are as bad as child predators. 

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