Friday, November 9, 2012

No facebook

I will not use Facebook for these reasons, for the most part it is nothing more than a picture sharing, tell the world what you are doing with questionable privacy constraints. If you need to share something, then call me, email me, send me a card. I have been Facebook free for eighteen months and can I tell about the freedom I have. My cell phone is the same number that I have had for the past ten years, I have had the same carrier as well. I can be reached on my cell, through this blog, and a couple of others, my email which has been the same for the past ten years. I value my privacy and the only social sites I will be using in the future are those that are narrowly focused, you can find me on Goodreads and Linkedn and Google+, also I cannot make any money on Facebook and the stock is priced entirely too high presently, a good purchase point is below 15$ a share, yes I even hand out stock tips from time to time, please follow my other directions, do not accept this as advice,

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