Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yes school is out for a couple of more days, and yes I am going on a rant. For those that think that Obama is doing this wrong and doing that wrong, shut up and give the old man a chance. If you remember when Junebug (GWB) came to office he had clear skies, no wars, moderate taxes, and people were gainfully employed. If your memory does not fail you, when Slick Willie came to office, he had clear skies, no wars, moderate taxes and people were trying to dig out from something or another, and when Pops came to power, we were about to go and kick Sadaam's sorry behind, the new world order was coming into place and the wall was about to fall.
So I say all of that to say, give the man a break, let some of this shake out, work its way out, and for heavens sake, stop bringing up this torture thing, I am sick of hearing about it, do you understand. We did what needed to be done, to do what we had to do, I imagine some of that was going to be payback for them fools aiding in the New York city downtown face lift at the cost of several thousand innocent souls that nobody could get past the lobby in time. And as far as the automobile industry and the current problems that they are having here and now. What did you guys think, gas was going to be cheap forever, and that we all should drive these huge behemoths every where we go. Come on, all they are doing is making the road unsafe for the rest of us. I like my late model sedan, thank you very much.
But anyway, between the unions and the corporate hot shots that thought that we all should purchase an Escalade with 21" wheels (dubs as they call them in one of my old neighborhoods) you fools lack vision. The rank and file really need to pile the two groups of you together and perform a world class action lawsuit on you all for corporate malfeasance and corrupt business practices. They then sent their snot nosed lobbyists to Washington, so they would not fix things like fuel standards and the like.
I think people that drive Hummers are selfish fops trying to make up for social inadequacies by driving something that could over the opposition in the back lot.
Oh and back to that Escalade, why should anyone pay a markup of 75 % for a vehicle that serves no useful purpose except to take up two parking spaces and make it difficult to see around to avoid on coming traffic.
And by the way, gas prices are going to go up, 3$ a gallon painful, you will see it by the end of the summer. You can bet on it.

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