Saturday, February 28, 2009

Data Mining the Fifth part

In my journey to find and use some interesting data visualizations, I stumbled across this one first, A Data representation of all of the Top level domain country codes. If you may notice that the United States is not the largest one, by far.

I found this one while searching for something else entirely, while trying to bring up Moby on my ipod.
This Le Grande Content Data Visualization can be fun.

There is a google gadget that you can add to your home page located here , I'm working on getting some data that it can read and display, the first thing that I tried basically blew up in my face and displayed absolutely nothing.

Here is the speech given the other night by President Obama on the telly in front of congress with the word displays. Which words showed up how often.

Another word visualization regarding the cost of non resident tuition at several state universities.

I found this one very interesting, this concerns job cut warnings in the state of California, for this year. This was actually sort of an eyeful

I jumped over to Gap minder and found several of those that we had seen in class, I found some of those here.....Here I mean

Then I found this growth of Target in relation to its major competitor Wal-Mart, and how it seems to locate opportunity and managed an expansion.

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