Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Zack is Home

Hi, I know, I know its been a few days. Zack is home finally and beginning to get used to being at the house. Yes, he's had an accident or two. Shhhhh, don't tell his mother, she'll get all cross with me again. He's happy, he's learning new stuff, like where to hide in the family room so that he won't get stepped on. (a useful skill for when his biped brothers and sisters come home) He is still a little frightened of doors, thanks to whomever had him before he went to the shelter. Now that Zack is home, I don't spend my evenings on pet finder, I actually do some real house work. Like the vegetable garden I put in over the weekend, and the row of flowers I added along side the driveway. Ooops that goes in my other blog. With pictures. Hey honey, would you take those pictures for me. The sun is out and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Zack does like bananas, and everybody that knows me, knows that a dog is not my dog, until he eats bananas. Just ask my mother, she'll tell you the story of me and the bananas and all I could eat for a couple of months. And no, I don't climb trees.

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