Friday, April 4, 2008

Jumping Ship

Brothers and Sisters, I really think that it is time for us to examine ourselves, and our political parties and make some cold hard decisions about where we want to go as individuals. With the blinding ascent of Barack Obama in the presidential race and the dirty nasty tricks, the strange innuendos that Bill and Hillary are speaking, and all of this sideways looking and this so called liberal bias. Sooooo, its great that he is a candidate until he decides to run against so called party royalty,hmmmmm sounds like a double standard to me. It really, really does. Lets look at a few interesting tidbits. Fact the political party that was in the White House when some of our ancestors(please note, not all of us have 5 -10 generations in this country) were enslaved and the man that signed the Emancipation Proclamation was a republican. The Democrats at that juncture were interested in keeping black folk enslaved. The court that over saw Brown versus board of education-Topeka, KS was republican. The group of folks that we stauchly anti intergration were none other than Strom Thurmond and his dixie crats (Democrats) who opposed any and all mixing of the races. The Democrats have brought you many, many years of welfare with no reform in exchange for your vote, we don't need a hand out, we just need a hand up, and a fair and level playing field.

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