Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Revolution, My revolution

The revolution has come,

it has gone,

it was televised

and for the most part,

many of us were left behind.

There will be no instant replay,

Jesse Jackson still

is a has been

a not really

and a never will be.

The revolution

was here and

I believe brother

you got left behind.

The revolution will not

come again,

Its message


do for yourself

it matters not

what your neighbor says

he won't pay your bills.

There will be no replay

on the late news

the late, late show

or the morning show.

Take up your shoes

find and make your way in the world.

This is not the time.

All those promises

where have they got you today

All those prayers

got your courage up.

The revolution will come again

when you awaken it in yourself.

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