Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tax and Spend

Its that time of year again folks, taxes, taxes and more taxes. Some of us are fortunate enough to live in tax friendly locales, some of us, myself included do not. Why is it that our elected representatives see fit to provide for themselves and many of our much richer brethren a litany of loopholes and breaks, while paying lip service to the many of our much poorer brethren while leaving the remainder of us scratching our heads in bewilderment. I don't make that much money, my numbers are well below the average American tax payer, however what I seem to be paying for seems to be much higher. Like most folks, I really wonder where my money is being spent or wasted and why it won't stop, we are in fact educated and some what rational people, or at least that is what I like to think. We have conflicts in which our young men and women are engaged in and while we have the technological superiority with which we should prevail, we seem to be ham fisted in many facets of execution to achieve that end. We should never have dumb people in our schools, we have more computers per capita than almost everyone. No one in this country should ever, ever go to bed hungry, go without being able to visit a doctor or dentist, and yet we do. We have the best country in the world in which to excel and one of the worse for taking care of our down trodden, we seem to encourage laziness and some aspects of failure far too often, we praise and worship entertainers, athletes, folks who require limited education and really don't produce anything we can't do without. Folks like doctors, engineers, teachers, military leaders ( yes them too, for an enlightened educated military is a really good way to project power at low cost) and even I'll say it lawyers, despite most of my misgivings about that line of work. But these are the people we need to glorify, these are the people that will allow us to remain competitive in the world today and tomorrow, we don't need another rock star, another stripper wanna be and please no more bad actors. I will sit down some time soon and write about how to fix the government once and for all.

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