Wednesday, October 24, 2007

America's Dad

While I have not seen the Oprah show in its entirety, I am very happy to hear Bill Cosby Bill On Oprah speak up and put in real words the mess that we have come to as a people, we do need to stop waiting around for reparations, affirmative action, and that dull duo of Al and Jesse. We need to stop beating on each other, mistreating our women and children no matter what. Bill has a new book that many of us need to read, yes I know you can do that too.

Come On People

What About Our Daughters: Dunbar Village - RAZE IT TO THE GROUND AND SALT THE EARTH SO THAT NOTHING WILL GROW THERE! - How to Help.- Where in the World are the Rev's?

Did you realize that foolishness like this is going on ? We are not animals, we should not treat each other as such. I do have Oprah on DVR someplace around the house, so I should get around to watching it sometime this weekend, I'll let you know, if you see something frightening, please warn me.

On another note, I listened to the radio this morning and heard a little bit on NPR about an ordinance in Dallas that would require young men and women folk to pull up their britches and wear them like God and the designer intended. Pull your pants up which is the name of a pretty catchy rap tune, penned by a barber/rapper from Dallas, Texas, one of my home towns. I then took a look at some of the folks that seem to have issue with the law, aside from the issues of someone telling them how to dress. My answer, while it may or may not be cause for a law, why are we giving this lifestyle and fashion that clearly runs counter to the proper outfitting of clothing. My take on this is simple, if you want to be treated with respect, real respect, then you need to wear your clothing like you have some sense, this is a choice that you can make. There is no need for you to follow along in some one else's footsteps. If want to make something of yourself, then make good solid choices, if you have a reason for doing something, then have the reasoning to back up your decision. In every place that I have lived, worked, visited or partied, you will be judged by how you look. Look like a fool, then get treated like one.

Pull your pants up, (I don't want to see your dirty boxers or how skimpy your thong is.)
Treat all women as equals, or at least as well as you treat your sister,
treat all children as if they were yours. The life you save, may be your own.

Think about reading these five books.

Man up

The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner

Maximized manhood


The End of Blackness

These are'nt all that you can read, but its a good place to start.

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